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Welcome to the New & Improved Content Strategist!

We hear it all the time – content marketing is the only effective marketing left. Certainly its increasing importance is undeniable. But what does it really mean? What does this mythical Content Marketing look like in the wild? Does anyone really know?

We do.

As brands become publishers, we want to make sure they have the tools and the knowledge to become great publishers. We think its important to talk about standards, about quality, to define what’s important and what’s just noise.

We’re journalists by training, and we aim to use this magazine to commit journalism wherever possible.

That means we won’t be aggregating other people’s content. You wont see endless pages of listicles, gifs, linkbait and SEO-driven sludge. You won’t see slideshows. You won’t hear about Contently (well, hardly ever).

What you will see is vision, pattern recognition and skepticism. You’ll see deep analysis of trends in our industry. You’ll hear from thought leaders across the content spectrum. You’ll see examples of brand content done right, and poorly, and you’ll learn why and how.  You’ll hear about the problems facing content marketers, and you’ll hear about solutions to those problems.

At its heart, content marketing is about telling great stories. That’s what we aim to do with this magazine – tell great stories, while also being informative, intelligent, and skeptical. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Sam Slaughter & Shane Snow, Contently

Image by National Geographic
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