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Vatican Social Media Blackout, SXSW Follow Ups, Wooing Top Talent

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficionados who love the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are the gems you need to kickstart your Tuesday.

What You Can Learn from the Vatican’s Social Media Policy (OPEN Forum)
The Papal election is on, and Cardinals are under strict orders not to tweet, share, or blog about the topic.

Vatican officials have gone to great lengths to maintain their story — they’ve shut down WiFi, television, and newspapers. So what’s the lesson to learn? Secrecy is an incredibly powerful marketing tool — it’s a sure way to draw attention to your organization and cause.

Don’t Waste Another Networking Opportunity (Entrepreneur)
If you’re at SXSW right now, you’re probably meeting a lot of awesome people. Don’t let those stacks of business cards end up in the trash or in a desk drawer when you go home.

Here’s a post with tips to make your follow-ups count — remember what was memorable, jog your new contacts’ memories, and be a connector. Make sure that you keep the follow-up conversation open and forward looking.

Rewrite that Boring Job Description (Inc)
Top talent is always in high demand — if you want them, you have to woo them. Talk about your people, what you offer, and what makes your company proud.

Approach recruiting as you would content marketing, and make a strong effort to connect with your audiences on a human level. Leverage great writing to define your core brand.

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