How GoPro Does Content Marketing Like a Pro [VIDEO]

GoPro is good at making waves, helping users create their own content with a distinct point of view.

This user-generated content also forms the backbone of the company’s own content strategy, which is helping it position itself as the next Red Bull.

Many of GoPro’s customers — who document their passions with the line’s Hero cameras and accessories to share later, usually of sports-related activities — hear about the company not due to the company’s products themselves but because of the content the products create.

GoPro connects with its audience in exciting, memorable and shareable ways. Brands can follow GoPro’s example by creating content with a consistent perspective and empowering their audience to become ambassadors who create new content on the company’s behalf.

A Passionate Perspective

Throughout the content curated or created by GoPro, one theme is always apparent: passion. That’s the GoPro perspective that always shines through, says GoPro director of global communications, Kash Shaikh.

“It’s diverse content from kayaking in New Zealand to ostrich racing in South Africa, all highlighting people’s passion,” he said.

As a result, GoPro taps into its audience’s interests and connects with them on a personal, deeper level than they would be able to as just another camera company.

One lesson here is to work to apply a consistent voice to your brand that shines through no matter the type of content. Content that’s connected to a larger theme will help build a storyline for your audience to follow. Pick and choose what content reflects your voice—passion in this instance—and work to make that present at every touchpoint. Focusing on quality content should be a key goal throughout your process, something GoPro does across the board.

Sharing stories when people are the most receptive to listen is another big factor in the success and reach of the GoPro perspective, says Shaikh, pointing to the ad GoPro aired during the Super Bowl. This helps amplify a brand’s voice where its audience is present. Once a company has created a customer profile, it must work towards identifying the marketing channels where that customer is most active to get the best reach with its content.


User Generated Content

A video is uploaded to Facebook or YouTube tagged as GoPro footage every minute of every day, according to Shaikh. Content created by GoPro users is one of the primary ways the GoPro story is told and ultimately what sells its cameras and accessories.

As part of GoPro’s content strategy, they empower their customers to share the footage they capture using their products, not to mention their products help customers create content in the first place.

Likewise, empowering your audience like GoPro to create content on behalf of your brand can result in the most genuine kind of engagement. The GoPro social media teams scours the web for GoPro content they can reshare on their company social accounts, which often excites and encourages users to share their content since there’s a chance to get featured in front of the entire community. Give your fans and followers their time to shine, bringing them in as a part of the story.

Another way of inciting user-generated content is by hosting contests and giveaways that require content creation as a means of entry. To enter contestants must submit a photo, video, artwork or another piece of content that in someway incorporates your brand to be entered to win a prize. This is scaleable way to help incentive your audience to create quality content with a purpose.

Empowering Brand Ambassadors

Tapping brand ambassadors or celebrity endorsements is nothing new, but GoPro’s approach helps take these partnership to new levels. Each ambassador GoPro chooses has passion for what they do and this shines through in the content they help create. Secondly, the GoPro team taps into the audiences of their ambassadors by having them share GoPro content from their own social channels. These strong relationships yield better results.

Diving into partnerships with guest bloggers and celebrities that are a strong fit with your brand and its voice can scale your content creation efforts to new and relevant audiences.

Something as simple as featuring a guest blogger on your blog each month can help create valuable content that’s shared with their audience and your own that continues to highlight your brand perspective. Again, featuring your brand advocates as part of your community can help incite them to share and therefore further bolster your content strategy.

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