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Snapchat for Marketers, Rogen and Rudd in Samsung Super Bowl Ad

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Marketers Using Snapchat

ClickZ’s Andrew Solmssen writes about Snapchat and how marketers can use the new platform.

Brands can use it for gamification or scavenger hunts, along with contests that involve clues being sent over the platform. Discounts can be easily provided through Snapchat, and brands can show behind the scenes photos of their businesses.

Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd Teasing Super Bowl Ad

Mashable reports that Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are the stars of a new teaser for Samsung’s Super Bowl ad.

In it, they pitch Bob Odenkirk on an idea relating to “The Next Big Thing.” To promote the ad, Samsung is asking customers to weigh in on Twitter using the #TheNextBigThing hashtag.

“The Next Big Thing campaign has allowed us the flexibility to tap into significant cultural moments and relevant conversations while showcasing our innovation,” says CMO of Samsung Mobile Todd Pendleton.

Amazon Studios Offering Kids Programming

Paid Content reports that Amazon Studios is going forward with five pilots for children’s shows from the creators of “Blue’s Clues” and “Rugrats.” Jim Henson’s company is producing one of the shows.

When a show is optioned, creators receive $10,000. If it’s chosen to be produced, they are awarded $55,000. Right now, the site is looking to add even more children’s shows, along with comedy programming.

Ratings Down at Nickelodeon

According to the New York Times, Viacom reported a 16 percent drop in revenue in the fourth quarter of last year due to ratings drops and a less than successful movie release for Nickelodeon.

In late February, animated and live-action series will be pitched to advertisers for the network. The demographic of importance will be preschoolers, who will perhaps stay with the network throughout their childhoods.

Netflix Premieres “House of Cards”

According to the Wall Street Journal, “House of Cards,” which is directed by David Fincher and features Kevin Spacey as a politician, is Netflix’s first series.

Analyst at Raymond James Aaron Kessler says, “If Netflix’s original content is well received, it could bring in some new subscribers.” Thirteen episodes of the first season will premiere this Friday.

The company spent $100 million for two seasons of the new show.

Problems with Freelancing

Freelance Folder highlights exactly what can go wrong when freelancing.

For instance, when writers work as subcontractors, they are risking miscommunication since they are not working directly for an end client. Contracts are necessary to have with an intermediary client since the end client might not even know the freelancer exists.

Everything should be in writing, and it’s not the best idea to work with friends and family. Invoices need to be sent out promptly and spelled out in contracts to avoid any payment issues.

Taxes for Freelancers

According to AOL’s Daily Finance, 16 percent of freelancers have been unable to pay for their taxes.

Freelancers need to watch out for the IRS and expect to pay taxes and report income through 1099s. Home offices can be deducted, as can travel, health care, and computers. Freelancers absolutely must save up for their taxes and have six to nine months worth of savings.

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