LG’s Scary Elevator Video and the Hype of Prank Marketing [VIDEO]

LG has put out a “scary” video to advertise its new computer monitors, but it has some skeptics wondering whether or not it’s a fake.

According to Mashable, the video is aimed at demonstrating “just how life-like the picture on its monitors can be.” In the spot, the brand put its screens on the bottom of an elevator to make it look as if the floor had vanished. All this, including the frightened reactions of the riders, was “caught on tape.”

The video first premiered late last week, but now Todd Wasserman of Mashable is now reporting that it could possibly be fake. Either way, it’s gotten over eight million hits on YouTube.

This isn’t the first time an ad has gained popularity for putting out prank advertising.

In June, Australian bank NAB set up an elaborate prank to reward good Samaritans for returning property that wasn’t theirs. The video released for the campaign subsequently went viral, receiving over one million hits. In Amsterdam, Adidas pulled a prank where people would go into a fitting room to try on a promotional t-shirt for their favorite soccer team. Then, the team would bust in and greet them. The ad received over half a million hits.

Pranks are great for advertising (as long as customers are good sports and don’t feel duped)  there’s the initial buzz if it’s pulled off right, then all the skepticism and analysis that follows. As the legend grows, the brand only benefits, receiving more buzz and most likely sales in the process.

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