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xx’s Viral Music Map, iPhone 5 Mystery, Apple’s 10 Big Mistakes

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Image Shows How the xx’s Album Went Viral

In the “Wow, that’s pretty neat” category: The xx and Microsoft partnered to create this image of how the band’s album was shared worldwide.

They started with just one fan to see how the sharing spread.

Is iPhone 5 All About the Content?

The Washington Post wants to know why, as licensing deals are more and more important, no one is asking what consumers will be able to watch on the new iPhone.

The big question is whether the new phone is going to give businesses that create content a jumpstart.

“No longer, said Columbia University business professor Bruce Greenwald, do potential rivals need to buy expensive printing presses or movie studios; nor do they need to build elaborate distribution networks for the content once it’s made,” the Washington Post reports.

Apple’s 10 Biggest Mistakes

Forbes’ resident “Apple bull” Eric Jackson takes a look at the mistakes Apple has made since the time Steve Jobs returned to the company.

And no, black mock turtlenecks are not on his list, but passing up Twitter is.

Forget Bones, This Guy Pays in Bacon

Ad Week’s “Ad of the Day” is an Oscar Mayer video that’s part of their “Bacon Barter” campaign. Mmmmm … bacon … Anyway, it’s pretty fun.

This guy has a truckload of bacon and drives across the U.S. trying to get people to except it as payment, including one lucky person in Las Vegas.

“The campaign smartly integrates with social media, which the brand will use to source goods for its well-cast adventurer, comedian Josh Sankey,” Ad Week said.

Mobile Is a Bridge to In Store Shopping

Humans are fickle creatures. They are constantly on the go and as Ad Age reports most searches on smart phones are on the fly.

Ad Age spoke to Google’s Jonathan Alferness about how retailers can use mobile to drive customers.

“80% of searches on smartphones are spontaneous, as opposed to planned, and nearly half of those are goal-oriented,” according to the article. “Often those goals are purchases and, to Jonathan Alferness, this is evidence of mobile’s role as a bridge — and an extremely valuable one — from the digital world to the physical one.”

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