Old Spice Has Another Viral Hit with ‘Muscle Music’ Video [VIDEO]

Old Spice is back again with another viral video hit.

The interactive video called “Muscle Music,” posted on Vimeo last week, features actor and former football star Terry Crews playing an array of musical instruments by flexing his muscles.

Once the video is completed, viewers can make their own music by moving Crews’ muscles with their keyboards. Each key stroke flexes a muscle on Crews’ body to hit an instrument.

So far, the video has nearly 3 million hits and rapidly counting.


The interactive video, first showed up on Aug. 23 according to Vimeo’s stats, received 968,227 hits on Aug. 28, and then 1,842,425 hits on the 29th alone.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Senior Manager of Strategic Sales Partnerships at Vimeo Abby Morgan says that the video is made up of 150 moving parts. The recorded video of Crews is combined with a flash player that makes the platform work.

This is not the first time Old Spice has seen success with its videos. The hugely popular video “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” has more than 42.5 million hits. Blogger Jeff Bullas attributes the company’s popularity online with the fact that its formula works (basically, it features a good looking bodybuilder, and quirky dialogue and effects).

He says that the videos are always short, and Old Spice is a content producing machine. Now, it has incorporated user interaction in its innovative video.

Vimeo’s Morgan says her site doesn’t participate in video advertising frequently, and the Muscle Music campaign is the biggest advertising campaign on the site, according to The Atlantic. She says the company will now work with additional brands.

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