AppGuppy Aims to Democratize the Creation of Apps

We’ve entered the age of the rapid democratization of technology. After all, everyone carries the same powerful mini computer in their pockets. Everyone can make a stunning website in seconds with a service like SquareSpace

Why can’t everyone have their own app?

AppGuppy, an intriguing new startup that demoed at this past week’s NY Tech Meetup, wants to change that. Plenty of startups are trying to bring easy app building to the masses, but AppGuppy is taking a unique approach: its apps are a hybrid of HTML5 and native, and bypass the Apple App Store all together.

That’s an important feature, since 30% of the apps submitted to the Apple App Store are rejected, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Instead of going through app stores, AppGuppy’s users can send a direct download link to anyone they want.

Creating an AppGuppy app takes just a few minutes.  The service essentially aggregates your content on the web— Facebook (photos, wall, events), Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Google Calendar, Eventbrite (for events), iTunes (for artists/bands), a personal blog — and then presents them in an attractive app design. Functions include GPS directions, streaming music/videos, and — coming soon — checkins.

For the moment, AppGuppy is free, and seems like an ideal solution for bands that want an app. After all, it fulfills all the basic needs: streaming music, events, directions to events, and updates (via Twitter).

AppGuppy could also be used by job-hunting writers and designers looking to get a leg up on the competition by showing off their tech skills. After all, what employer wouldn’t be impressed by a cover letter that comes with an invitation to download a personal app?

Another possibility: AppGuppy could emerge as a great tool for budget-strapped publishers looking for a cheap way to go mobile. The app can include a clean RSS feed of your latest articles.

Co-founder Ash Nadkarni says that the team plans to add mobile commerce in the coming weeks, turning AppGuppy into a “complete mobile storefront.” They’re certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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