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How to Ignite the Thrill in Marketing Campaigns

Marketing strategies can very easily turn formulaic if they’re always done by-the-books and without excitement.

Boredom with content on either the consumer or marketing sides can be deadly, leading to rapid decrease in interest in a company and, ultimately, less revenue.

To counter this, content creators and marketers should stick to putting out information that excites them rather than following a format. Sometimes, this is easier said than done.

“Most of us think of the products, and a select few move on to conspiring about ways to showcase their benefits instead of features,” says Content Marketing Institute‘s Dave Thackeray, an advocate of exciting marketing.

Thackeray suggests focusing on the products or services that get marketers pumped. Even if the product is old news, consumers and readers will appreciate the enthusiasm and be able to connect better with the content.

“Whenever I punch out a newsletter, I only write about stuff that leaves me in a state of high excitement,” he says.

He also advises marketers to build the content calendar based on what gets people in the company pumped, “because there’s nothing so intoxicating and irresistible as that cocktail of excitement and passion.”

The only problem with Thackeray’s logic is that excitement can be difficult to conjure up for marketers that produce content on a weekly or daily basis.

Inspiration can be found in many places, including within the company itself, if you know how to look for it. Marketers can reach out to the company’s thought leaders and ask them to share what they’re passionate about either in an article or video interview.

If marketers are finding that their own content is stale, they can also enlist the help of consumers by utilizing Compendium, a company that Business 2 Community‘s Ashley Furness says “provides tools for brands to creatively encourage, curate and promote customer-created content.”

When companies showcase what their customers have to say, it leads to a strengthening of that relationship.

Marketers shouldn’t fret–content that excites both themselves and the consumers can be found just about anywhere.

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