Victoria’s Secret Gets It Right on Facebook

This post is part of the Killer Facebook Pages Series, which highlights the top brand pages on Facebook and provides tips on how to emulate their successes.

Victoria’s Secret is one of Facebook’s biggest players: Clocking in at 18.5 million fans, it ranks number 18 among all brands, and is the second most popular retailer on the site, placing just behind Converse.

Its PINK collection has 11.8 million likes, bringing its total number to over 29 million fans. The sexy store keeps it following strong by employing a number of efforts on its fan page.

Here are some of its social media secrets.

Linking to Other Social Media Sites

Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook page is not the company’s only social media focus. It uses the page to direct traffic to its main site as well as its Twitter and Pinterest, thereby increasing its ROI.

It ran a poll on May 5 that incorporated its Twitter, asking “Kristen, Giuliana or Elizabeth? Last chance to vote for Sexiest Tweeter. The winner—along with the entire What Is Sexy list—will be announced on Tuesday!”

On April 10, fans of the PINK page saw this update: “PINK ♥ Pinterest! We’ve teamed up with our favorite pinboard site to create the ultimate PINK summer-inspired challenge.” The prize was a $250 PINK summer shopping spree.

Victoria’s Secret is clever when it comes to increasing its social media clout. As Mashable points out, “Connecting multiple social platforms and a hub from the brand website can help funnel consumers throughout the network.”

Vice president of marketing Dan Clifford said the company employs that strategy to increase its ROI. “We found Facebook very valuable,” he said, “but you have to find ways to monetize followers.”

Knowing Its Target Audience

Victoria’s Secret ranks high among retailers on Facebook because it knows what its fans, mostly young women, want.

Status updates, usually posted a few times every day, are about fashion, the beach, nail polish, working out, and weddings, among others. Most of the likes occur when questioned are posed to fans such as, “It’s wedding season & inquiring minds want to know… how many bridesmaid dresses do u have hanging in ur closet?,” and “Decisions, decisions .. Teal or True Blue nails this weekend? What nail color are you feeling?”

Victoria’s Secret knows the interests of its base, and uses that information to connect with them.

Exclusive Discounts and Promotions

A number of Victoria’s Secret’s updates are special offers that encourage fans to take action. A post from April 5 stated, “Love the music in our Fabulous online commercial? Download the song (‘We Swarm’ by the Glitch Mob). First 10,000 downloads are on us!” The April 10 update on PINK about Pinterest was also a great example of how it ties in the specials for loyal customers.

Most of the latest updates were about the Secret Rewards, a promotion the company ran from April 1 through 15, where it gave every free gift cards to lucky fans every day at noon. Another promotion that ran on April 27 featured free underwear for fans who clicked “play” on one of its videos. The company frequently posts links to offers on its e-commerce store as well.

Giving away free gifts and exclusive discounts is a win-win for the company and the fans. Victoria’s Secret raises brand awareness and increases its social media clout while followers feel like they’re getting the special treatment. It strengthens the customer-to-company relationship and creates brand advocates.

Giving Customers a Say

Another tactic Victoria’s Secret uses to empower its fan base on Facebook is providing them the chance to be part of the company’s future. It runs contests where the prize is that the winner will get to work, in some way, with Victoria’s Secret.

On May 2, the company posted on its PINK page, “Best design challenge ever! Show off your creative skills in the PINK Nation Design a Tote Challenge and your tote could become the next members-only exclusive!”

“There’s a fine line between letting the customer drive the product too much, but there are definitely moments where we have sought feedback, whether it’s about names or certain functions built into a product,” Clifford said. “When done well, [the feedback] has matched the real-time testing we’re doing in stores. But it’s also a matter of getting the merchant comfortable [with] hearing from the world at large.”

Victoria’s Secret demonstrates that it cares about its fans talents and what they have to say, whether it’s posting questions or running a design contest on the Facebook fan page.

These are methods to endear fans toward a brand and make them feel like they matter.

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