Marketing by Post is Still Relevant

Direct mail is a traditional and effective method to reach customers that companies, even in this digital age, are still using.

But even with the costs of postage rising and service cuts, there are ways to run an effective direct mail campaign without going bust.

To save money, marketers should grow their mailing lists, because “the more you mail, the better price you’ll get” according to Business 2 Community‘s Zach Heller. He also recommends to stop sending first class mail, which can be extremely costly.

The best way to go about saving money and still sending out physical mail is to incorporate online marketing into the plan.

“Instead of sending a stuffed envelope with a letter, a form to mail back, and a return envelope, print a simple postcard that directs people to the web,” Heller writes. He says that all the marketer has to sell is a trip to the offer’s website instead of the actual offer.

Last year, a survey by Marketing Sherpa revealed that 22 percent of marketers say that direct mail is very effective, and a majority, 57 percent, say it is somewhat effective.

An article by Digital Wave Front quotes a survey conducted by Deliver Magazine that said, “98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately.” Also, “According to a survey of 6,400 online shoppers, households receiving print catalogs shop online more often and spend more meaningful time at retail websites.”