How DailyCandy Maintains the Buzz

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If a brand blogger ever dreamed about the sweet life, it would be the story of DailyCandy, which recently landed a content partnership with NBC Universal.

DailyCandy, a daily deals site that started in 2000, now partners with one of the biggest networks because founder Dany Levy never lost sight of their objective: to create loyalists by creating informative and fun content.

In their media kit they call themselves a “multiplatform lifestyle brand. ” How did they do this?

They know their target

DailyCandy appeals to influential and affluent women who want to be informed about what is trendy. While DailyCandy connects to the influential, trendy consumer, DailyCandy Kids reaches the moms seeking  information about raising children, but who still enjoy reading about fashion. By focusing on moms to expand their business, DailyCandy has kept a consistent audience: female, affluent, and information seeking. This also keeps the tone consistent.

They think like a print magazine

DailyCandy is an editorial franchise with regular features, such as the DailyCandy daily email, which has become a modern version of the print magazines women used to flock to.

Videos, shared on a weekly basis, look into a specific topic that constitutes the sweet life. Monthly features include Pretty Smart, full of beauty finds; a monthly round-up of must-see movies called Screen Play; and Party Time, offering recipes “for the entertainer.” DailyCandy is also localized, publishing local content for major cities.

They know how to distribute

Led by the editorial director Ashley Parrish, DailyCandy repackages their content for multiple target audiences. Content posted on each separate social platform fits the way readers use it.

DailyCandy Twitter has gained 770,667 followers by constantly sharing content with every tweet, either links to an article on DailyCandy or to another blog that falls under travel, culture, food, or fashion.

On Pinterest, it repins content from DailyCandy and other blogs for their 12,911 Followers. Tumblr is a collection of photos and images. The Daily Candy Facebook page has almost 300,0000 likes and posts scenes from around the office, focuses on engagement and leverages their Timeline to share their company history.

Their tone is relevant

When comparing DailyCandy with the daily deals giant Groupon, Karen Greenwood Henke of Nimble Press says the big difference is that “the writing [for Daily Candy] is actually clever, not just about being clever. The deals and the companies it highlights are intriguing and unique.”

Groupon’s claim to fame was its clever quips within each deal description. However, irrelevance have made the punchlines sometime leave a sour taste. Henke points to these descriptions from both sites to illustrate this:

DailyCandy: Forget wine; beer is taking over as the hot drink pairing in starred restaurants and at kitchen tables alike. Beer Connoisseur Deal

GroupOn: Cutting wheat or dairy products out of your life is difficult, especially since most sofas are made of 50% whole wheat and most shampoos are just gooey milk. Violets Cakes Groupon

DailyCandy’s description is incluisve, but for GroupOn, one has to be in on the joke.

How it pays off

StyleCandy is the culmination of a multiplatform content partnership between NBC Universal’s Style Media and Daily Candy.

“StyleCandy creates a seamless experience across TV and digital,” said Nick Lehman, president of digital for NBCUniversal’s Entertainment and Digital Networks and Integrated Media.

It will include short-form videos about lifestyle, entertaining and styling that will appear on cable’s Style Network and on the web starting this fall. DailyCandy Deals will be offered to Style Network viewers.

It took twelve years, but by sticking to their core objectives in their content strategy, DailyCandy is indeed living the sweet life.

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