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Newspapers Still Exist Because 20% of Americans Don’t Use the Internet [STUDY]

With the rise in popularity of the Internet and free information, newspapers have taken a beating. Everywhere, papers are being forced to lay people off, cut back budgets, or shut down altogether. But a recent Pew study illustrates that newspapers are still standing strong because there is still a hefty percentage of users not using the Internet.

The study found that one in five Americans don’t use the Internet. And half of those Americans, a whopping 30 million, live Internet-free lives be “they don’t think the Internet is relevant to them.” The research indicated that a majority of the 30 million earn less than $30k or are among the elderly, Spanish-speaking population.

While paywalls are providing one means of income for traditional media outlets, other papers and publications are turning to tablets, marketing their content to the growing number of tablet owners. Newspapers aren’t seeing much of a silver lining making dollars in the digital world, though: “For every $1 raised in digital ad revenue, $7 is being lost on a publication’s print advertising side.”

The market of non-Internet users is still there for now, but once that dissipates, newspapers will be further pushed into the digital realm. For publishers, this outcome is expected at this point, though. So, why aren’t more publishers doing something about it? Let’s get it on it, people!

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