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Optimize Your Content Strategy With the Triangle of Relevance

Jessica Collier at Business 2 Community uncovered a great three-pronged way to make sure your content is hitting its benchmarks. It’s called “the Triangle of Relevance.”

Developed by digital strategist Angie Schottmuller, the Triangle of Relevance recognizes the following marketing project completion biases: Business interest, user interest and time significance,” Schottmuller explains in her original post.

The process began as an organized way to double-check that her inbound marketing was working, but has since “proved invaluable” in the planning of her everyday content creation strategy.

Here is her question process:

  • Does the landing page appeal to the user’s interests?
  • Is the landing page relevant now to visitors?
  • Does the landing page serve our business objective?

Does your content currently fit these objectives?

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