How Pepsi Feeds Its Fanatics on Facebook

This post is part of the Killer Facebook Pages Series, which highlights the top brand pages on Facebook and provides tips on how to emulate their successes.

How do brands, like Pepsi, keep Facebook fans engaged as they attract millions of followers on the world’s largest social network? Should brands be focusing on creating posts or custom experiences on their Facebook Pages?

Content is where it’s at, according to a 2011 PageLever study. As a Facebook Page’s fan base grows, fewer of its fans visit the page, the study notes. “It shocked me when I saw that pageviews drop 12 times faster than impressions as you grow from 10,000 fans to one million fans,” Facebook marketing expert Jeff Widman noted about the study.

While it has taken a stab at Facebook landing pages and apps, Pepsi is one of the brilliant brands on Facebook that understands the concept that users are more likely to see newsfeed content than to visit a brand’s Facebook Page.

Pepsi’s Facebook Page is backed by a solid engagement
strategy that keeps its fans liking, commenting and sharing. The main Pepsi Facebook Page posts a few times each day and relies on a variety of content: quotes, videos, questions, fill-in-the-blanks and photos.

It’s common for the page to garner 2,000 or more “Likes” and several hundred comments on a post, but it’s been known to pull out the Cute Card to garner attention. For example, here is one of the brand’s most popular recent posts:


We can’t complain — who doesn’t love puppies?

Pepsi’s Facebook impact doesn’t end on its main page — the brand’s product line, international audience and charitable efforts have all initiated additional pages. A few popular ones include Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Throwback, and Pepsi We Inspire. The brand also has pages for India, Egypt and Arabia, along with a handful of other branded pages on various topics.

Learning From Pepsi’s Success on Facebook

As your Facebook Page grows, it is tempting to invest marketing dollars into original Facebook apps, splash pages, contests and other content that resides on the Facebook Page itself. But the data is in favor of posts, because these will reach a user’s home feed to optimize your reach.

Follow Pepsi’s lead to maximize engagement with these tips:

  1. Post consistently: Pepsi posts at least once each day, even if it’s just a question or fill-in-the-blank. Post consistently to signal to your fans that you’re serious about building your brand’s social community. We’d advise against the urge to post more than once every few hours, though. Fans aren’t into an avalanche of branded content.
  2. Use subtle references to your product: Nobody likes a friend that only talks about herself, but the occasional self-loving mention isn’t going to hurt anyone. Pepsi isn’t afraid to name-drop itself every now and then, and its fanatic audience doesn’t seem to mind.
  3. Heed your “Talking About This” Score: The “Talking About This” score in Facebook Insights tells a brand how many of its fan are actually talking about it on Facebook. The score accounts for actions in a user’s news feed in addition to engagement on the brand’s Facebook Page. Big brands generally have a “Talking About This” score of around 1% of their fan bases. With 7.6 million fans, Pepsi’s is 1.9%. Not too shabby, right? Heed your “Talking About This” score and adjust content accordingly.
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