How Warby Parker Visualized a Year In Data

When it comes to content marketing, the visionaries in our midst are already dreaming up the next trend, the next art form that captures a message and spreads it to the target audience.

We think Warby Parker is onto something with its 2011 annual report, an infographic capturing a year’s worth of the company’s data. Transparent and informative, the infographic communicates to customers and partners what Warby Parker is accomplishing, and in return earns affinity for the brand.

We’ve already noted Warby Parker’s excellence in community management — now let’s talk content.

The eyewear company, founded in 2010, describes its annual report as “a visual stroll through twelve months of hard work, earnest objectives, and the spectacular world of Warby Parker Eyewear.”

The report covers everything from web traffic to company culture to Warby Parker’s sales by quarter. The obvious peaks in traffic at time of media coverage come with little surprise, but the consistent growth otherwise is an affirmation that the company has simply got it goin’ on.


The company’s own statistics present a very personal snapshot of the Warby Parker community. For example, California does the most Home Try-Ons, while Maryland has the worst eyesight (strongest prescriptions). Stella Artois is the most popular beer for Warby employees, and 48% of people visited are Mac users.

An intimate connection with customers is what a solid social media strategy hopes for. By using routine company data, and churning it into infographic-style content, Warby Parker did just that.


The report has received 850 Facebook “Likes” and has been tweeted 1,340 times so far, while the poster version, published on Tumblr, has received 224 notes (a combination of reblogs and likes). Warby Parker is up more than 8,000 Facebook fans since the report, which is a higher growth rate than its average during 2011 — likely, in part, due to buzz generated by the report itself. Since 60% of web traffic to Warby Parker’s site is from Facebook, this is an important number for its growth.

Every company has its own arsenal of data that can be turned into compelling content. What are some inside jokes that you can bring your audience in on?  What questions would first-time visitors not think to ask? How is your audience different than the general public? There are many numbers you already track for your own strategic planning. A blog post perhaps can tell this story, but for some readers, statistics, charts, and graphs are easier to digest. Visual content like Warby Parker’s can make for popular posts on both Tumblr and Pinterest, as well. As you explore new ways to connect with your audience, the route of transparency is sure to win a few hearts.

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