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Understanding Niches: Content for Luxury Brands

The luxury goods market has not yet fully accepted buying and marketing online. A Bain & Company report predicts that internet-based purchases of online goods will increase over the next year to a whopping….5%.

Part of this is due to the price of luxury goods. When you’re buying a $20 shirt, you’ll take a chance on the Internet. But when you’re buying a $2,000 shirt, you want to look somebody in the eye and know who to come back to if something goes wrong. But that’s only part of the story luxury brands are trying to sell.

Luxury customers enjoy that personal, privileged, insider touch that comes easiest when you’re with actual people. The more you can give that feeling with your content, the more attention you’ll draw from this market.


1. Insider insights are key to achieving this effect. Interviews, behind-the-scenes photos and “day in the life” narratives provide that sense of privilege your clients crave.

Exclusive Videos on The Prada Website

2. Create rewards for Facebook likes and network members. The barrier to entry isn’t set high, but it allows fans to become part of an elite.

Gilt’s interactive facebook platform gives benefits to its customers


3. Hold online events with limited attendance. This can be anything from a sneak preview video to early access to a new line.

4. Be invitation-only to increase your following. Your existing clients get that sense of being “part of the club,” and will do your marketing for you to enhance that feeling.

Moda Operandi, a luxury e-commerce site with exclusive pre-orders straight from the runway

5. Seek feedback through comments, contests and quizzes. Luxury customers are accustomed to people caring what they think. The more you seek their opinions, the more they’ll come back.

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