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This Week’s Awesome Content About Content 9-9-2011

It’s been a great week for content. The first annual Content Marketing World conference was held in Cleveland; it was an explosion of great advice and actionable tips. Just scan #CMWorld on Twitter for some excellent recaps.

Shareable is the new buzzword in content marketing. And rightly so: shareability is a good metric of quality.

Here’s this week’s awesome content about content:


10 Most Commonly Used Internet Marketing Metrics

Speaking of metrics, Hubspot and Chief Marketer blogged about some interesting statistics around metrics marketers measure. This post further buckets measurable activity into 4 groups: amount, source, nature, and results. Great read.


Build a Better Buyer Experience with Content

“Content is marketing currency,” says Lee Odden in this insightful post. 43.7% of buyers say they’re taking more time to research purchases, so creating helpful content around buying experiences is becoming more and more essential.


How to Get Your Content Found

This recap of the #CMWorld panel provides excellent insight into content creators’ #1 question: how do I get people to find my content.


Google buys Zagat 

Google made a big investment in content this week with the acquisition of dining ratings authority Zagat. Content + Commerce + Search, oh my!


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