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Feature • October 30th, 2014

How The New York Times Built Its Content Marketing Machine

By Joe Lazauskas

Last September, The New York Times hired Sebastian Tomich and gave him a critical task: Help introduce the most controversial advertising product in the 165-year-existence of the Gray Lady.

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Feature • October 28th, 2014

We Made You a ‘Game of Thrones’-Style Map of the Content Marketing World

By Contently

Here be a map out the content marketing universe. Instead of King's Landing, you'll find the royalty that occupies Brand Publisher's Landing. Across the Narrow Sea of Audience lie the Merchants of Content, willing to arm brands with eyeballs—for the right price. And to the South and along the Social Coast sit the social media networks those brands must ally with and conquer.

Feature • October 27th, 2014

This Content Marketing Dictionary Will Help You Master Industry Newspeak

By Joe Lazauskas

If you've attended a content marketing conference or panel this year, you might have felt like you'd been transported to a futuristic world with a foreign vernacular—amplify and engage the common greeting; KPI the new-currency.