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Feature • July 28th, 2014

Willy Wonka and the ‘Facebook Buy’ Button

By John Larkin

Is Mark Zuckerberg the modern-day Willy Wonka? It might be a little tenuous, but there seems to be a clear similarity between Facebook’s recent soft launch of ‘Facebook Buy’ and Wonka’s mouth-watering idea: Reach into the News Feed and grab your chocolate bar. Or big-screen TV. Or half-off Bonobos.

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Feature • July 28th, 2014

This Might Be the Reason You Want a Different Job

By Shane Snow

Do you love your job? If so, statistically, you're in the minority. Even more disheartening is how few of us think we can do anything about it.

Feature • July 25th, 2014

‘You Can’t Do Business Without a Fire Pole’: An Oral History of Contently’s 2014 So Far

By Contently

There are moments in time that can only be captured through the art form of oral history. Odysseus' journey home from Troy. Eminem's Eight Mile. The 2012 Burning Man Festival. The first six months of 2014 at Contently, when a scrappy startup changed the very nature of content, marketing, business, and the game of soccer itself. Enjoy.