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Feature • September 26th, 2014

Why Brands Need to Fight the Temptation and Stay Off Ello

By Joe Lazauskas

One of the main reasons that Ello is popping off right now is that the nascent social network explicitly rejects advertising and commoditization of user data. It's ​manifesto makes that abundantly clear.

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Feature • September 26th, 2014

How The Whistle Is Building a Sports Network for the YouTube Age

By Mason Lerner

With 7 million subscribers, almost 150 channel partners, and more than a billion views, The Whistle hopes to reshape sports media on the level that ESPN did four decades ago.

Feature • September 25th, 2014

5 Major Publishers React to AdDetector, the Plug-In That Calls Out Sponsored Content

By Sam Petulla

AdDetector, the plug-in that calls out sponsored content, is stirring a ton of debate in the media world. We caught up with leaders at The NY Times, HuffPo, the Washington Post, and more to get their take.