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Feature • August 27th, 2014

Serious About Brand Publishing? Don’t Send a Copywriter to Do a Journalist’s Job

By Yael Grauer

It's not that journalists and copywriters don't have a lot in common; they can both turn amazing phrases and meet killer headlines, and they're constantly explaining to strangers at parties that, no, they don't write fiction. Perhaps these similarities are why some agencies tap into their pool of copywriters to fill the editorial needs of clients who want to become brand publishers. While it can be easy to chock it up to saying, "Writers are writers!" making that switch might not be such a good idea.

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Feature • August 27th, 2014

These 4 Companies Prove That Content Marketing Is Essential to Startups

By Mason Lerner

Gone are the days when a startup could just throw content out there and count on keyword optimization to drive fresh traffic and leads; the digital landscape has grown more competitive, and publishers of all kinds have had to up their game to stand out.

Feature • August 26th, 2014

7 Retail Brands That Will Inspire You to Up Your Content Game

By Julia Lynn Rubin

In the world of content marketing, retailers are doing so much more than just advertising their products; they’re providing useful information, visibility, and an open dialogue between company and consumer.