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Feature • September 2nd, 2014

Is Chorus the CMS of Brand Publishers’ Dreams?

By Sam Petulla

In April, Ezra Klein sent a ripple through the media world when he decided to leave The Washington Post for Vox Media. It wasn't just the fact that Klein was leaving WaPo, but the reason he was doing it: for Vox's content management system (CMS), Chorus.

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Feature • September 2nd, 2014

Legal Approvals Are Killing Brand Newsrooms. Here’s How to Get Past Them

By John Hazard

While it’s true that the nature of brand publishing sets a higher bar for compliance and introduces some complexities that media companies do not encounter, those companies also benefit from having well-established compliance structures in place. There’s no reason brand publishers can’t do the same.

Feature • August 28th, 2014

What Great Content Marketing and Football Fandom Have in Common

By Joe Lazauskas

With the NFL season just a week away, I’m already starting to notice my Sunday night browser history is a mashup of marketing/media articles and reports from the New York Giants practice facility. It’s a reminder that at 26, I’ve come to follow the marketing and media industry—which I cover as the editor of The Content Strategist—in the same way I’ve followed the sport I’ve loved since I was three years old.