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Feature • November 24th, 2014

17 Content Marketing Predictions for 2015

By Contently

In 2015, ad agencies may find themselves having a lot in common with the New York Jets.

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Feature • November 21st, 2014

Facebook’s Cracking Down on Brands, and It’s Great News For Content Marketing

By Joe Lazauskas

Only good things can happen when Facebook takes a stance against all the hawkers and peddlers who give brand updates a bad name (which, let’s be honest, includes most brands on the network).

Feature • November 20th, 2014

This Study of 500 Publishers Reveals How Marketers Can Get Other Sites to Write About Their Content

By Kelsey Libert

If you're a publisher right now, you probably want to kill the content marketer flooding your inbox. And if you're a marketer, you're probably frustrated with getting ignored.